In the following sections you will learn the tools required to setup the Automated Workflows:

  1. Google Forms - Google forms are required to accept all data from the users on laptop\pc\mobile. These will be used to apply for approvals as well as to actually approve applications that have been received.
  2. Google Sheets - You will learn how to get the data collected in a Google Form transferred to a Google Sheet automatically for getting an MIS and for adding automation.
  3. Form Mule Addon - You will be learning how to use this amazing Addon for Google Sheets to setup the Automation.

Please note that we need the following things from your side to complete the next lectures:

  1. Gmail Account: You need to have a Gmail account which can be either free ( or a paid account (with your domain name).
  2. PC/Laptop: You need a PC with a browser (preferably Chrome) and internet connection to setup the workflow. You can use any operating system like Windows, Mac or Linux. The process cannot be setup on ipads or mobile phones. (though you can run it from any device after it has been setup)
  3. Mobile Phone: You need either an Iphone or Android phone so we can show you to create a link\icon for your workflow on the phone for easy access.