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Use Technology to Solve Real Business Problems & Grow Exponentially!

As an Entrepreneur who established 3 different businesses, I struggled a lot to get even small tasks done properly. Despite my MBA from IIFT, nothing in my education prepared me for the real challenges of the business - How to get orders, recruit people, get work done, get payments etc.

I attended lot of long & expensive trainings, even hired a business coach but couldn't get to a point where the business could run on its own. Unfortunately all these coaches lack the practical experience of running a business. I have seen countless entrepreneurs repeat the same painful cycle over and over again getting little in return.

The only thing that worked for me was to build systems, using Technology, that can run on their own. Our biggest mistake is to think that people can run systems. Once I started developing these foolproof systems, I am calm and relaxed knowing that these would keep running even when I sleep. Using Tech and repeatable systems I converted all businesses into a machine that runs on their own.

Today, I run our 7 group companies with combined revenues of more than 600 cr from anywhere just using my smartphone. I invite you to join me on this journey of using Technology to reinvent your business and free yourself from daily hassles to focus on your passion and growth.

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